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All of life is simply a process

All of life is simply a process

I am in the process of clutter clearing my body, mind, spirit and physical surroundings.  It’s a weird and wonderful process going through my “belongings:”

-Unwanted pounds hanging on

-Old thoughts and thought patterns filed away

-Habits that no longer serve my greatest good

-Bags of forgotten knitting projects

This process of sorting and rediscovering is a time of contemplation, then action.


Create a mental picture of how you want your body to look.  Then think “what can I add to my diet that gets me to my goal.”  The best way to start is to add more fruit and vegetables.  Do not concern yourself with calorie count; concern yourself with putting whole and natural food in your body.  (Then allow the pounds to fall off)


Sometimes our minds are so full of stuff that it may feel as though you can’t get anything in or out.  Now is the time to let go of old patterns of thought and new ones.


Sometimes we do things just because that is the way we have always done them.  Or that is how we were taught.  Now is the time to think about these things.  Ask: are they habits serving my highest good.  It might just take some switching up to create a different outcome, the one you desire.


Start somewhere, the key being start.  Sort, put items where they belong, or repurpose. Keep the things of importance and jettison the rest. 

So Flip the Switch right now, today change one thing in each of the above categories.  And continue until you establish the body, mind, spirit and surroundings that you want to create.

Tip of the Needle

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