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The Way of Knit

The Way of Knit

Knitting has been likened to yoga because it focuses your mind on a physical task, rather than on any worries or mind chatter.  Knitting has a prayerful or meditative quality.  The simplest meditation exercise usually requires that you to sit comfortably and count your breathing.  Knitting involves counting when you are working a pattern, and hopefully you are sitting comfortably.  In meditation the idea is not to shut out all thoughts, but to allow them to pass through the mind rather that lingering.  Knitting enables you to let go of unwanted thoughts because it regularly calls your attention back to the soothing occupation of knit and purl – and the completion of row after row.  Tests have shown that knitting moves the mind into the same alpha-wave pattern as meditation.  For some, knitting does this more quickly and readily.

Tip of the Needle

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