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I have the courage to pamper myself

I am worthy of receiving as well as giving

Pampering and taking care of myself is a healthy thing to do

Define KNIT: 

  • To tie together           
  • To link firmly or closely
  • To cause to grow together
  • To form by interlacing yarn or thread in a series of connected loops with needles

The phrase to cause to grow together can mean several things.

  • First – it means that we are knitting on our sweaters today, causing them to grow.
  • Second – it means that we are growing together.  Each of us is an inspiration to one another, as we knit together.
  • Third – make things clear in your mind by:
    • Asking questions
    • Thinking things through
    • Clearly looking at the pattern
    • Take responsibility and own what you do

You have the ability to produce the outcome and achieve your desired result.  Move beyond the thinking that has limited or damaged in the past.  There are those conditions in our actions, in our thoughts and undertakings that truly impact the outcome in any given situation.  You can change your thoughts at any time; choose to make them agree with your desired end result.

Choose your outcome; direct and take charge of your behavior to match that outcome.  (Remember, all emotional pains last for 12 minutes, anything longer that that is self-inflicted.)

Listen to your body and its wisdom.  You are a knitter:

  • Believe in your inner wisdom.
  • Honor your ‘gut’ feelings by exploring them.
  • Support yourself by acting on your intuition when appropriate.  Think:

I give myself the gift of sitting up front in my life.  I pay attention.  I have a right to really experience my feelings.

In every situation train yourself to:

BLESS the present

EXPECT the best

TRUST yourself

Tip of the Needle

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