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Building on Small Successes

Building on Small Successes

Building on small successes

In any undertaking

In any relationship

Be very clear of your intentions

Whatever they are,

That is what will manifest


Focusing on our successes, no matter how small, is an effective way to reduce fear.  We all have everyday experiences that are successful.  Notice those special and significant successes and build upon them.  In order to have a happy and fulfilled life we need to focus on those build ups rather than the tear downs. Yet it is so easy to habitually tear ourselves down, by concentrating on our limitations rather than building on our successes.

Acknowledge fears and replace fear with love. When we acknowledge our fears and begin to work through them, we start with just one small step at a time and build on each success.  When we experience setbacks; that is the time to believe and trust in our ability.  Notice any patterns, either toward your goal or away, and take action.

You are a confident, powerful and spiritually based YOU.  Continue to emerge as you let go of your old self.  Building a bride of small successes can lead to the shore of our aspirations.

What small, non-threatening step can you take right now to help you transform fear to love and build your own unique bridge.

I allow myself to take small steps toward my goals

I accept and trust myself during both successful and difficult times

I give myself permission to change



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