Knitting Heals

Studies in the US have shown that doing something repetitive, such as knitting, while under distress, helps you recover from the event or experience much more quickly and easily.

Your knitted piece is special because you have knit healing thoughts and prayers into it.

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Knit•clean•ing (\nit\ kln)

Knit•clean•ing  (\nit\ kln)

  1. The thorough cleaning of a room, closet or any other compartment containing knitting yarn or patterns.
  2. The act of improving our surroundings by separating out, removing or eliminating  excess yarn.
  3. The act of re-forming by  improving, removing or eliminating  thoughts.

This summer season is about change and preparing for the fall season.  Let’s explore this idea twofold.

  • Look at the physical –
    • Cleaning out knitting stash by placing the yarn and pattern neatly in a bag and back on the shelf.
    • Arranging the yarn for a project that you intend to finish soon, something you might want to wear this fall.
    • Giving yarn away that does not serve you, letting it go!
  • Now take the time to examine your thoughts –
    • Just as you have looked at every skein of yarn, observe your thoughts and beliefs.  If a thought or belief does not serve you, let it go!  There is no written law that says that because you once believed something you have to continue to believe it forever.
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July & August Class Schedule Posted

Hello Knitter

After you check the July & August Class Schedule, please visit the KnitFocused Shop to enjoy the new changes.  Especially the free patterns available for immediate download.

Have your knitting needles ready!

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New Class Schedule for May & June

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New Year, New Classes

Hello Knitters:

Happy New Year!  It is very good to be back teaching knitting class.

Please let me know if you are going to knit the January 16 – Optional class project, Chevron Vest by Courtney Kelley. 


Also if you plan on knitting the February 6 – Optional class project Bulky Mobius Cowl by Haley Waxberg, it is a free pattern.

  • With this quick knit project you will learn Cat Bordi’s mobius cast on technique.
  • Please go to
  • We have 40 skeins of Rasta, which is the yarn for this pattern.


If you have any questions, just email me.


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Two new patterns!

Hat-Trick – a free hat pattern for adult women or men:

hat-trick is an achievement based on the number three.

Three is the most playful of all numbers.

Three in the numerology chart,

means you are creative, socially active, artistic, and optimistic.

Pono – $5, a simple jacket pattern:

When you are right with yourself,

with others and with Spirit,

you are in Pono.

 The word itself, means ‘right’ and describes that exquisite sense of rightness that comes from

being “at one” with everything.

This is based on the ancient

Hawaiian belief

in spirit greatness and self power,

in the

unconditional love and compassion for,

and the spirit connections between,

all things

Get Pono on Ravelry

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Inner Quiet

I invite you to take one minute of inner quiet every day:

  • Let go of trying to multi-task multiple responsibilities
  • Let go of projecting yourself into the future
  • Try sixty seconds of listening instead of talking — or lovingly writing a note to someone rather than struggling your way through
  • Breathe

Focusing on a 60-second meditation or prayer stops the forward momentum of anxiety and nervousness that’s so pervasive in our world. Anybody, regardless of schedule, can do it ! Take just a moment of quiet, think about the love you have in your heart — even one brief minute of peacefulness is powerful.

With your knitting in your hands, take hold of what’s fresh and useful from a short meditative break, and receive that calm into the continuing action of your life.”



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Knitting Outside the Box

Please check out the November & December class schedule!

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Building on small successes

Building on small successes

In any undertaking

In any relationship

Be very clear of your intentions

Whatever they are,

That is what will manifest

Focusing on our successes, no matter how small, is an effective way to reduce fear.  We all have everyday experiences that are successful.  Notice those special and significant successes and build upon them.  In order to have a happy and fulfilled life we need to focus on those build ups rather than the tear downs. Yet it is so easy to habitually tear ourselves down, by concentrating on our limitations rather than building on our successes.

Acknowledge fears and replace fear with love. When we acknowledge our fears and begin to work through them, we start with just one small step at a time and build on each success.  When we experience setbacks; that is the time to believe and trust in our ability.  Notice any patterns, either toward your goal or away, and take action.

You are a confident, powerful and spiritually based YOU.  Continue to emerge as you let go of your old self.  Building a bride of small successes can lead to the shore of our aspirations.

What small, non-threatening step can you take right now to help you transform fear to love and build your own unique bridge.

I allow myself to take small steps toward my goals

I accept and trust myself during both successful and difficult times

I give myself permission to change



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I have the courage to pamper myself

I am worthy of receiving as well as giving

Pampering and taking care of myself is a healthy thing to do

Define KNIT: 

  • To tie together           
  • To link firmly or closely
  • To cause to grow together
  • To form by interlacing yarn or thread in a series of connected loops with needles

The phrase to cause to grow together can mean several things.

  • First – it means that we are knitting on our sweaters today, causing them to grow.
  • Second – it means that we are growing together.  Each of us is an inspiration to one another, as we knit together.
  • Third – make things clear in your mind by:
    • Asking questions
    • Thinking things through
    • Clearly looking at the pattern
    • Take responsibility and own what you do

You have the ability to produce the outcome and achieve your desired result.  Move beyond the thinking that has limited or damaged in the past.  There are those conditions in our actions, in our thoughts and undertakings that truly impact the outcome in any given situation.  You can change your thoughts at any time; choose to make them agree with your desired end result.

Choose your outcome; direct and take charge of your behavior to match that outcome.  (Remember, all emotional pains last for 12 minutes, anything longer that that is self-inflicted.)

Listen to your body and its wisdom.  You are a knitter:

  • Believe in your inner wisdom.
  • Honor your ‘gut’ feelings by exploring them.
  • Support yourself by acting on your intuition when appropriate.  Think:

I give myself the gift of sitting up front in my life.  I pay attention.  I have a right to really experience my feelings.

In every situation train yourself to:

BLESS the present

EXPECT the best

TRUST yourself



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